Covid 19 update, 21/6/2020 - Racing to restart

Letter from the Commodore

 Dear Locks

Further to our recent return to sailing procedures and risk assessment, the committee have been working towards a return to racing. The first race is scheduled for 27th June. If you want to race from the club, you will be required to read the attached updated Risk Assessment (click HERE) and adhere to the following procedures. The race calendar has been re-scheduled and duties previously signed up for are no longer valid. Anyone wishing to race must sign up for 2 duties on the updated race calendar. The rule for any member with a boat in the compound to undertake duties will be relaxed to account for personal health reasons. However, we would encourage all members to allocate for duties if they are able, to allow racing to progress.

  1. Racing should not be considered as a return to racing as previously enjoyed [at least for the foreseeable future] and strict adherence to procedures will be required. The risk of contracting Covid by participation in dinghy racing is considered very low but public judgement of our activities is likely to be high.
  2. The risk from contracting Covid is reduced by following good practice, but not eliminated and therefore everyone participates in using the water at their own risk. Consider this if you are in a vulnerable group.
  3. Apart from the disabled toilet, the club house will be closed and only the signing on room accessible in an emergency to gain access to the first aid kit. Change into sailing kit at home or in your vehicle.
  4. The disabled toilet will be available for use. Sanitary cleaner and wipes will be provided for people to wipe the facilities clean after use and a bin provided for disposal. The disabled toilet will be cleaned weekly.
  5. Use the new soap dispensers located around the club and wash your hands frequently.
  6. Do not attend the club if you feel unwell or anyone in your family is unwell and abide by infection quarantine restrictions.
  7. Provide your own PPE as required to facilitate safe passage from Locksway Road to the water and back after sailing. As a minimum this will be anti-bacterial gel and a face mask covering carried with you in a zip lock bag for use in an emergency. This applies to sailors and Patrol Boat crews.
  8. Sail 2-handed boats only with persons that you live with.
  9. Assess the sailing conditions to avoid the requirement for assistance or rescue.
  10. Use hand anti-bacterial gel before opening or handling the club gate – sailors to provide their own hand gel.
  11. To minimise numbers in the compound and on the slip, there will be two separate starts for Fast and Medium as follows: Fast Fleet MUST be afloat 10 minutes before their start time. The fast fleet will start at the time given on the race calendar. Medium fleet to start 10 minutes after the fast fleet start [ten minutes after the calendar start time] and can launch whenever the beach is clear.
  12. Signing on and the course will now be displayed on a white board outside. You will be provided with new revised course sheets for reference.
  13. Always maintain a minimum 2m social distance when in the club compound, slip or beach. This may require waiting until a sailor has exited the compound or beach.
  14. Minimise time spent in the compound or on the beach rigging boats.
  15. Ensure slip and path is clear before launching and recovery and maintain social distancing.
  16. Due to social distancing, the requirement for 2 crew in the Patrol Boat has been dropped to 1 as approved by the RYA. If you can persuade a household member to make the crew up to 2 that would be better. This amendment to normal procedure will require the single Patrol Boat crew to be competent and review the method of assistance and degree of help that can be given by one. In the event of windy conditions, sailors and patrol boat crew must risk assess the situation and the crew may need to swap for someone more experienced or the race amended to suit.
  17. The OOD will need to actively participate in assisting the patrol boat to keep an active watch on participating boats.
  18. The patrol boat will be the first boat afloat and to be launched by 3 persons socially distancing. The patrol boat will be recovered using a knotted tow rope to allow more hands socially distancing.
  19. In the event of aiding a sailor within 2m both will don their face coverings.
  20. Take care when handling each other’s trolleys by either wearing gloves and or washing hands.
  21. After finishing wait for space on the beach before landing and progressing to the compound.
  22. Above all be considerate of others who may feel vulnerable to the perceived impact of our activities.

Attached is a revised course sheet (click HERE) for you to print off and use for reference when the course is displayed on the board outside the club building. Commencing racing in this changed environment will a little more challenging but I'm hopeful that if everyone shows some good common sense we can get some great racing in and deal with the numbers that want to sail. It goes without saying that changes in guidelines may require amendment of our procedures.

Kind regards, Chris Flewitt, Commodore



Quiz at the clubhouse

Why not come along to a quiz at the sailing club this year - it's friendly, and the questions aren't too hard (well, most of them!). Bring a team, or come and join one of the teams on the night.

We start at 19:30 in the clubhouse. £1 for members, £2 for non-members, 4 rounds, and the winner of each round wins a bottle of wine. Plus the bar is open!

Hope to see you there!

Volunteers to help operate the Bar

In an effort to be ready for a great season and fun year at the Locks in 2020, the Committee would like to ask for volunteers to help operate the bar.

We'd love to see more people in the club, not just the racers who most weekends do pop into the bar for a catch up after sailing.

One of the things we would like to do is have people available to open the bar while the sailors are on the water, so that members start to know that the "Bar is Open".

Anyone who would like to be bar trained and join in the fun, please contact Chris Reynolds and he can help organise this for you.

Members please remember to Book in Here to reserve a club boat.


The Club Development Plan - Shown at the 2017 January QGM, is available online by clicking here

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